White Gold (Rhodium) ring re-plating service


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White Gold (Rhodium) ring 

Do you own a white gold plated ring, then you will know about the plate wearing off.

If you take it to a jewellers they will charge you between £40-£50 to Rhodium re-plate it and take up to 3 weeks.

We offer a 7 day re-plating service (maximum) and quicker if you are local to us.

*For £35 a White Gold (Rhodium) ring can be re-plate including postage and you will be delight to wear it again.

For more than 1 ring we offer special rates on request – contact us today.

Gold re-plating services are also available for all personal jewellery items, prices on request.

Silver plating services are available for all antique pieces as well as cutlery on request.

2020, The Perfect Year for Perfect 20-20 Vision’ and will never come again.

*For details about White Gold rings and why they are Rhodium plated see here

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