Have your putter plated with 24k Gold


Have your putter plated with 24k Gold

When you pull this luxurious club out of the bag you will be the envy of all around you.

From the first time you use it you will never lose the buzz you will get that makes you feel like a million dollars, in fact you will so good you’ll probably even reduce your handicap.

When you put on your favourite clothes it’s still you, but somehow you feel more like you+, and the more things you do that make you feel that way the more those things add to your life time after time.

Most people don’t work at feeling better, they are to involved in the world of everyday pressures and worries. The one single thing that happens when they have something ‘ordinary’ gold plated is that the item that was once the same as everyone else it takes on a magical power – it makes the smile, time after time.

They never get used to it, but then again you never do get used to special things – ever.

It also makes the most wonderful gift for a loved one that will never be forgotten by the receiver – and how many gifts have you ever given that you can say did that.

When you have known someone special in your life it becomes extremely difficult to create that special moment, unless perhaps you keep increasing how much you spend. Once you realise the power of having almost anything transformed from normal to magical you will never stop seeing the potential there is in even the most simple metal item when it is gold plated.

Many of our clients have understood this when they give one of the gold plated 50p coins they receive with everyone of our products to a child or grandchild. To have a 7 year old child to have still not forgotten what you gave them 5 years later is almost never heard.

It literally transforms simple gifts into long term memories – which is what everyone wants to do when they give a gift, but if they are honest, rarely achieve.

Send us your favourite iron shafted club and we will transform it into something you will never tire of using on the gold course, and never tire of smiling when you do.

Have your putter plated with 24k Gold and brighten up your life.

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