24k Gold Plated Real Rose

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24k gold plated rose complete with black presentation box and certificate of warranty as the perfect gift, present or reward

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24k Gold Plated Rose

This Rose has been plated in luxurious 24k gold and presented in a smart black box complete with certificate of warranty.

If you are looking to give your partner or wife – something special – then what better to say any of the following:

  • I love you
  • Thank you for being such a wonderful wife 
  • To my absolute best friend
  • Happy Anniversary
  • Happy Birthday

Perfect for all occasions this 24k gold plated real rose will ensure that your gift will become a gift AND a memory to cherish forever.

It is perfect as a centrepiece in any room and will be a constant reminder of the occasion that the giving of the rose was for long after the occasion.

You will find it difficult to match this gift in terms of value for money in any high street shop due to the uniqueness of the gift.

It is also perfect for many other reasons other than as a gift to a loved one, for instance, this gold plated rose is a wonderful way to say thank you to someone special who has:

  • To the best Mum in the world
  • To our beautiful Daughter
  • Shown you kindness
  • Congratulations on having such a beautiful baby
  • To my absolute best friend
  • For being such a loyal member of staff

There are many ways of saying I love you – but this gift shows just how much you really do

Check out our totally unique upgrades to this wonderful gift in our shop designed to enhance this gift even further as well as other unique ideas to suit all upcoming occasions and events

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