24k Gold Plated Controller for the PS4 PlayStation


Limited edition 24k Gold Plated PS4 Controller:

Included with this new product is:

This 24k Gold Plated Controller will be issued with a signed and dated Certificate of Authenticity

Numbering 1-100, already 1-32 have already been issued complete with a luxury hard protective case.

Created in-house by our own experienced production team and sent all over the world to selected clients.

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24k Gold Plated Controller for the PS4 PlayStation (Wholesale Supply Only) – other brands available on request

Created for a limited number of Luxury High Quality Gift Suppliers world wide with presentation box

Only 10 registered independent companies will be authorised sellers in any one country.

This way the product will then maintain its exclusivity in the marketplace.

  • Plated with pure 24k Gold this Real PS4 Controller looks amazing – literally something your clients’ recipient will have never seen before.
  • Complete with a beautiful presentation box for you to make this a gift that will be talked about by all.
  • It also comes with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

So why not offer this unique and customised product to your clients 

Whilst a certificate of Authenticity will be supply with each product, they can also be provided with your own company name, contact details and logo for an additional fee of £25.

The certificate will be delivered as a file allowing you to print off one for your client.

Other brands of Controller can also be supplied to order on request

Please Note: There are limited stocks available of this exclusive product.

Terms of supply:

  1. This product can only be ordered in bulk after they have been accepted as one of our 10 suppliers in their declared country of trading
  2. Minimum pack of 5 PS4 Controllers per order (R.R.P £500 per controller)


Here you will find a rare limited edition 24k Gold Plated Controller product for those collectors of gaming stations as well of those who want one ‘because they can’.

We are offering you a pack of 5 of a product used by over 75 million users in the world.

See exactly how popular the use of this PlayStation system is worldwide here and why it makes buyers ‘different’.

This unique product will be the most inspiring piece of kit you could ever dream to own whilst gaming.

Perhaps even the most memorable gift you have ever given to someone special in your life.

It also makes a wonderful and inspiring inspirational award or tournament prize.

Included with this new product is:

  • 5 signed and dated Certificate’s of Authenticity
  • Numbering 1-100, already 1-42 packs have already been issued complete with a luxury hard protective cases.

“It is better to set a trend than follow one” and there will never be a better example than this.

How we produce this product:

To create such an iconic includes takes many stages in its production over ate least 3 days.

  • The controller is broken down into its component parts on Day 1
  • The 2 main casings are then covered with a coating ready for electroforming
  • Electroforming is the treatment that allows non-metals to be gold plated
  • The casings are immersed in our formula based copper for 7 hours on Day 2
  • The casings are now heavily coated with bright Copper ready for the next stage
  • The casings are plated with bright shiny Nickel on Day 3
  • Once this is complete the casings receive their final plate of Luxurious pure 24k Gold
  • It then receives its final inspection and dispatch on Day 4

2020, The Perfect Year for Perfect 20-20 Vision’ and will never come again.

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