24k Gold Plated Cigar with presentation box (Wholesale Only)


Plated with pure 24k Gold this Real Cigar comes complete with a beautiful presentation box

Availability: 100 in stock

24k Gold Plated Cigar with presentation box (Wholesale Only)


worldwide a limited number of Luxury High-Quality Gift Suppliers can get an approach to This 24k Gold Plated Cigar with a presentation box (Wholesale Only) package.

because to maintain product exclusivity, Only 5 registered independent companies in any country will be allow.

  • Plated with pure 24k Gold this Real Cigar looks amazing – literally something your clients’ recipient will have never seen before.
  • Complete with a beautiful presentation box for you to make this the gift that will be talked about by all.
So why not offer this unique and customized product to your clients to give a gift to any new father – because they surely deserve it after all that work!

Whilst a certificate of Authenticity will be supply with each product, they can also be provide with your own company name, contact details, and logo for an additional fee of £25.

This will be deliver as a file allowing you to print off one for each future order yourself.

If a specific brand of cigar is require then this can also be supply to order, prices available on request

As there are limited stocks available of this exclusive product registered clients are request to contact us for dull details of price, availability and dispatch times.

Terms of supply:

  1. This product can only be ordered in bulk after they have been accepted as one of our 5 suppliers in their declared country of business
  2. Minimum of 5 gold plated cigars
  3. Maximum of 20 gold plated cigars
  4. Clients will be advised of delivery times before they place their order


this would make such a memorable gift for someone because of many reasons, such as:

  • A sporting achievement
  • An Academic qualification
  • Promotional achievement
  • Award for Charitable and Social work
  • Military dedication and service
  • Elderly person as a mark of respect
  • Long and loyal service from a grateful employer
  • Birthdays
  • Just because he is worth it
  • One-Off special occasions

*In 2018 more than 250 MILLION cigars purchased – with less than 0.00001% of them plated with pure gold.

‘A breakdown of global cigar sales, for cigars from Cuba, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Honduras, and other countries. For over a decade we hear Habanos claim that they control seventy percent of the market. That is excluding the American market due to the embargo. And for years we wondered if that was correct.

For the last decade, the production of cigars is pretty stable in Cuba. A little under a hundred million cigars are made and sold (source: Halfwheel & Wall Street Journal).

For the sake of this article, we will be using those 93.9 million as an official number.

Yet the number of Non-Cuban cigars exported to the international markets, again excluding the USA, has been climbing for years.

See full details here – and they don’t even include sales from China

2020, The Perfect Year for Perfect 20-20 Vision’ and will never come again.

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