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Media page highlighting a wide range of activity relating to gold plated gifts

Here you will be able to see media based press releases relating to what we do and what we can do.

Prepare to be amazed by our ability to create completely new and unique gold plated gifts and promotional items.

Examples of what we have created can be seen in our gallery and video pages

An example of our media activity can be seen here 

With over 15 years experience of creating a limitless range of products never seen before, such as:

  • A complete set of golfing irons plated with 24k gold used as a prize in a county golf tournament
  • Over 200 wrenches for the world’s largest supplier of auto workshop tools plated in 24k gold
  • Gold plated 1p coins sold with 100% of money raised donated to the Haiti Disaster Fund
  • Parts of a guitar gold plated for one of the most famous modern day guitarists in the world today
  • The world’s first 24k gold plated Pokemon figure created for a fanatical collector of iconic figures

we are now heavily involved in developing the as-yet undeveloped non-metal gold plated products marketplace.

Having recently added 24k gold plated PlayStation PS4 gaming controllers as well as an endless selection of 24k gold plated genuine Cigars, the future is clear.

The introduction of the world’s first ‘Wholesaler’ facility will allow limited companies the ability to offer rare products exclusively to their own clients.

There will be a limit of just 5 nominated suppliers of luxury gifts and promotional products in each country to ensure their unique value.

Whilst the range of wholesale products is limited, there will be more products added in the coming weeks.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Gold Plating