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The Gift – The True Meaning Of Christmas

by Jill Cooper

She stood at the window watching the snow falling gently to the ground. Thanksgiving was over and soon it would be Christmas, her favourite time of the year. But her heart was heavy in spite of the snow and the feeling of Christmas that it should invoke. The Christmas spirit that she had felt all year long seemed to have been drained out of her with a couple of simple phone calls, each from a family member saying they didn’t want to exchange gifts this year because they couldn’t afford them.

As she turned from the window, her eyes fell on her little tree standing in the corner. Its lights twinkled ever so brightly, casting a warm glow over the small pile of gaily wrapped gifts lying under it. A smile touched her lips as she thought of each person that the gifts were for. In her mind she could see the joy and excitement on their faces as they tore open the gifts and saw what was in them.

All year, she had carefully planned their gifts and had sacrificed much time and money in order to be able to buy them. She listened to each person’s big desires and little ones and had drawn so close to them that she knew not only the things they verbally said that they wanted but also the things they hadn’t voiced. She knew she had bought each one the perfect gift — Not the most expensive gift, maybe, but the perfect one for them.

Yes, she had sacrificed a lot to buy the gifts, but because her love for each person was so great and because of the joy she felt in giving, she didn’t see it as a sacrifice at all. So what if she had to turn the heat down a couple of degrees and wear a sweater in order to be able to have a little extra to buy that special gift for someone she loved. Yes, it’s nice to go out to eat at the end of a long hard day, but it’s even nicer to watch the face of a child open a present and go into rapture over his new car or to see mom get tears in her eyes because you not only remembered her favourite perfume but also how much she had longed for it.

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Romantic or a step too far? New luxe trend sees people spending up to $300 on GOLD PLATED preserved roses for their sweethearts

While preserved and gold-coloured roses have been rising in popularity over the past 12 months, one company has taken the luxe trend a step further. 

Liquid Luxury, an Australian company specialising in gold plating and luxurious gifts, have launched a range of 24k gold plated roses.  

The most elaborate single-stem rose on offer is a 24k ‘full gold plated premium rose’ which is first picked fresh at the ‘peak of its beauty.’

The $330 (£206) flower is then ‘formed and plated in luscious 24k gold’ – a process that takes 60 steps and around three to four months to complete.

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100 Gifts for Gold Lovers

If you’re a billionaire without a budget with some gold lovers on your Christmas list, then be sure to check out these solid gold innovations.

Gold jewellery is nice, but up that ordinary gift for your gold lover and get them something they’ll truly remember. Have them speeding around town in a gold plated cruiser that will be the centre of attention. Have them cooking and serving with culinary luxury and purchase some gold plated table wear that will be the highlight of all Christmas parties and dinner time occasions. And never leave out any luxury tech lovers with laptop skins and even gaming consoles available in solid gold.

Grant your gold lovers their every lavish command and have yourself a very luxurious Christmas.

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