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When searching for special gifts – for special people or occasions – in the High Streets of Britain it can be very predictable and uninspiring sometimes, and this can lead to resorting to very predictable gifts and presents year after year.

We will be introducing a unique range of gift ideas that will not be available in those High Street shops apart from the more exclusive ones – which unfortunately means they are also much more expensive. Here however you will find the exclusivity so often sort after without the exclusive high prices giving you the best of both worlds.

Starting with 2 products that you will not find in the High street we are pleased to offer a Gold Plated Rose that comes in a smart black windowed box. 

As you will see in the short videos, the Gold Plated Rose looks absolutely stunning and when seen in real life it is quite breathtaking – which is exactly what you want a gift to be.

The second product is even more amazing in that the chances of finding one anywhere else is extremely remote – and of you did you would find the price to be prohibitive.

Once again, plated with pure 24k Gold this Real Cigar when plated looks absolutely amazing and literally something your recipient will have never seen before – or probably again – in his or her life. Complete with a beautiful presentation box this will be the gift that will be talked about all day.

Interesting fact: In 2018 there were over 13,500 MILLION cigars purchased worldwide – with less than 0.00001% of them being Gold Plated.


On this one website you now have the opportunity to give up to 2 special people gifts are are not just gifts. THEY WILL BE GIFTS AND MEMORIES TO TREASURE FOREVER

Over the coming weeks we will continue to create more new and never seen before ideas for luxury but affordable gifts and present that will ensure that the lucky few recipients of those gifts and presents will cherish and remember them forever.

If you have an idea that would perfectly capture the occasion or person you wish to celebrate or commemorate then please contact us. Together we can make that occasion even more memorable than it would already have been.

Check out our Gallery to see what some people have already asked us to create for them, with amazing results and perfect for the occasion they were created for.



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