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Gold plated roses

Gold Plated Real Roses

Beautiful 24k Gold Plated REAL Roses to create a GIFT and a MEMORY

What could be a better way to show someone how you feel than the gift of a beautiful real rose frozen in time with pure 24k Gold.

If ever a gift could say so many things, this would say any of the following things from the heart:

  • I Love You from the bottom of my heart
  • Thank you for being you
  • Congratulations on your achievement
  • My love is everlasting just like this rose
  •  I just wanted to say thank you for today
  • or maybe just give the gift as it says it all for you!

Gold Plated RealRose

The Most Stunning Gift You Will Ever Give To Someone Special

White 24k Gold Plated Real Rose

Every rose is freshly cut and undergoes a lengthy process lasting 4 days to get to the finished product of beauty.




Everyone hopes that when they give a gift to someone special that it will be something that they will treasure.


However, often that gift is appreciated on the day but not always remembered at a later date.


With this beautiful gold plated rose however you will not be giving just a gift.


You will be giving a gift and a memory


When you receive this product it will arrive in presentation box complete with a certificate of warranty.


For an extra fee of just £20 it will also come with a video containing someone addressing your loved one personally in a song that you can play at the point when you give them this precious gift.


When you order your rose please send us a message stating your name and the name of the recipient and we will have that unique video created just for you.


Please allow up to 10 days for us to create that video when ordering. 

All orders are sent out free of charge by UK Mail on next day delivery.


Please note that orders dispatched on a Friday will not be delivered until the following Monday.

The advertised price is for the boxed 24k gold plated rose complete with certificate of warranty dispatched on next day delivery.


Customers requiring the Unique Video facility should contact us direct with their details as stated in the 'What it comes with' section.


Once we receive that request the customer will be sent a payment request for the fee and the video will be emailed to the customer on the day the Rose is dispatched ready to play when the gift is presented.



100% Customer Satisfaction

a REAL Rose coated in Real 24k Gold for you to give and a memory

red rose with handbag
White 24k Plated Rose
"For those who are the exception to the rule"
24k Gold Plated REAL Roses

Make this Christmas the most memorable one for someone special         this year with ‘Stunningly Beautiful’ gift that will be remembered   

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Gold Plating Guild Member
Gold Plating Guild Member
"Never Equalled"




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